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Fans of Sonic seem to be endless, and just as endless is the supply of Sonic-fan-items for you to see! What creative objects will everyone come up with this time?
Why are these NOT bootlegs? Because their owners are not trying to pass these off as official goods, and in most cases, there is only ONE of each item you see. No one's in some factory somewhere mass-producing things only hoping to grab money. Most of these are crafts created by Sonic fans, will they inspre you?
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Amy costume & mallet prop Amy Rose cosplayer close up Amy & Shadow cosplay pose
Here are Shadow & Amy Cosplays / fan-made costumes that were worn at the Seattle Sakura Con 2010. Each costume has spikes cap/hat instead of the mascot style full face,
Shadow cosplay costume angle
Shadow cosplay makeup & Shadow uses makeup to create the red eye border. Look at the detail for the customized shoes & boots! Sonic themed cosplays are always great fun for conventions! Costumes made & worn by Lee & K.
Sonic costume Anime Central Remember how it was said that the pre-order gift "Sonic spikes hat" was thought to be a good cosplay item? This fan cosplay proves it's true! The hat here is the only thing/part of the costume that's not fan made. You can see a close up of the customized shoes on another page of Sonic Fan Items. The costume also features a tail (seen in 2nd pannel) This costume was worn at Anime Central convention. Made & photo by: Silvaze1997
Reala Chao Fan Plush Chip Fan Plush Doll Sonic Chao Fan Plush Here are 3 fun fan plushes. First is a Reala Chao (if you can make a fly chao that looks like Nights, why not a Reala one for the Dark side?)
Then Unleashed's Chip (he is a perfect character for plushes, and is about 15 inches long) and then a Sonic Chao made with Minky & Suedecloth fabric. The Chip uses faux fur and velour. All 3 made & photographed by A-Chan Creations
Enerjak Custom Figure Here is an Enerjak custom figure. He was a villain/villain title (as in, various characters could get the title) in the Archie comics. In this instance a JW Knuckles 3.5 inch line figure has been given great added detail, new paint, and a removable mask. Customized & photo by WakeAngel England Cosplay Fan Gang Cosplay! A great way to show you're a fan. Here, you can see a whole gang together with Sonic (Ben), Tails (Jad), Knuckles (Kyle),
Shadow (HowlingSilverWolf), Blaze (CobraRoll), Silver (MewMewRocky) & Maria (Carrie). This was taken at MCM Event in London, photo by CobraRoll.
MK 3 Archie Figure Silver Sonic MK3 Fan Custom Figure Here is a fan customized figure for the Silver Sonic MK3. This is a larger than usual version of it, as in the Archie Sonic comics, Eggman/Robotnick continues to re-build this robot. This first appeared in Sonic 225. With sculpting & new paint, this figure is still pose-able, but much larger (to fit in with how it is in the books) Customized & photo by WakeAngel
Egg-Robo Egg This is an Egg Robo....egg! The Egg Robo robot is the perfect candidate for an Easter egg with badnik theme! It's already egg-shaped on purpose, so painting a real egg is fitting for the body. Made & photo by: WakeAngel
Mega Mix Fan Cartridge Here's an actual fan cartridge: "Sonic MegaMix" for Genesis. It has a fan-render of 'updated' Mighty the Armadillo. Sega never did a "Post-SA1" update of this Chaotix original character. This is interesting because TeamMegamix has actually added levels to Sonic 1 & the new gimmic of the game was that you could play as 1 of 5 characters, including Mighty. If you want to learn more you can use: SonicRetro and also see a MegamixVideo.
The cartridge here isn't actually a fan item, and wasn't authorized by the team. A set of Russian bootleggers got a hold of their file, and produced an actual cartridge with it. So it's actually a fake of a fan item. But since the game IS a fan project made BY fans FOR fans and not some wierd mashup or conversion set up to trick people, it's a fan item. Real effort went into this interesting project, so be sure to read more. Additional info discovered by Pro1137, info fixed by Stealth. Photo discovered by SuperSonicRosstifer
Fan Sonic Glove Fan Shadow Glove Fan Glove Parts
These fan gloves are a good idea. With a simple white can change the cuffs
to get Sonic's glove, or Shadow's glove! By creating the gloves in parts, they're mix n' matchable. Concevably, you could do Amy (ring cuff) Tails (belted cuff) this way too. Perfect for cosplay. Photo & made by Silvaze1997
Green hill theme Fan Shelf This is a Green Hill Zone theme fan-shelf. To display your Sonic figures & keep them safe...why not spruce up an old shelf with new paint? With green 'ground' checkered 'backdrop' and blue 'sky', these shelves are just the right height for the Super Posers figures. Customized & photo by Silvaze1997 Nazo Unleashed Figure
Remember the 'Nazo' effect from Sonic X? It had a frame in there where a different color hedgehog appeared (mis-colored Sonic/Shadow?) The effect was named, and now, here's a customized Jazwares figure for it. This is a JW small line Shadow, with new paint & added sculpted spikes. Customized & photo by: Dustin Autry and MarkCody Autry
Tails Themed Ceramic Bowl This is a fired ceramic candy bowl with a Tails theme. The tails wrap around the outside of the bowl, and give it its shape. It uses the element of the character, instead of being just a sculpture of Tails. Made & photo by Baking Blue Potatoe
Embroidered Injured Sonic Scene This is not a painting, nor a drawing, but a SEWING. Someone has used thread and many many tiny stitches to create this scene. Without a machine (it's too old for computerized sewing machines) it had to be all hand stitched, one at a time--so this is a bit of a feat, as it's fairly large too. The theme is unusual: damaged/injured Sonic. He has a bandaged leg with blood coming through it, wrinkled/dented spikes, cut on his wrist, band-aids on head, and that is a tear dripping from one eye. (they also neglected to count his fingers) Photo by OrangeUnicorn1984, original artist/sewer unknown.
Super Metal Sonic Figure Fan Mod Here is a fan modification of the Jazwares 3.5 line Metal Sonic. With added weapon & hand he's Super Metal Sonic from #. Since clay & paint were used for the modifications, he's still pose-able. Modified & photo by MrFanofSonic of youtube 30 Years Later Knuckles The Archie Sonic comic has a timeline called "30 Years Later" which is a speculative future where you see older versions of all the characters, in different outfits. This is a fan modification of JW Knuckles to look like 30 years later. With detailed gloves, new boots, the hat, & missing eye, it works with the comic. Modified & photo by Dustin Lee Autry
Mini Lego Sonic Shadow These may not be the only Lego Sonic fan creations, however they could be the smallest! Look at the tiny pieces used to create each one. They're simplified but still have cute detail. Assembled & photo by Habachibi
SA2 Upgrades Figure In Sonic Adventure 2, you could upgrade Sonic with various power-ups that appeared on him all throughout the game. These include the Magic Hand, Flame Ring, & Soap Shoe /Light Shoe was a famous alteration to his usual shoe. This Jazwares 3.5 line Sonic has been customized with the iconic accessories from this game & used Shadow's feet. Customized & photo by WakeAngel SA2 Items Accessory Custom
Archie Evil Sonic Bendy Figure Customization Scourge Smash Brawl Skin Custom
Here, the GamePro bendy Sonic has been customized into Archie Comics' first version of 'evil extra-dimensional Sonic'. This version had different shoes, a black leather jacket & sunglasses so he could be told-apart from the original. The base that came with the big bendy, is also customized. Photo & custom by Dustin Lee Autry
This is a virtual fan-item. It's a "skin" for the Sonic found in Super Smash Brothers Brawl game. When you use it, it makes a different surface for Sonic, which is re-colored for (Archie Comics)Scourge's green, scars, jacket, glasses & different shoes. An interesting mod, but who created it? Discovered by Dustin Lee Autry
Charm Combining Cell Dangle While not strictly a fan item, this is a fan combination. By taking 2 keychain enamel metal charms, & adding them to a cellphone strap/cord you can get a double cellphone charm. In this case, it's the Sonic X era Shadow & Rouge the bat. Combined & photo by RaeLogan
Plasticine Clay Mosaic This is a Sonic 2 mosaic type piece made from different colors of plasticene, the oil-based clay. The clay is rather soft, so a mosaic is a great use for this. Made & photo by Cfire176
Super Sonic classic style fan plush No classic style Super Sonic plush out yet? Here's a cool fan one. This was made with an all original pattern, then stuffed & sewn. With distinct upward spikes, the sculpt here is good. Made & photo by Donna M Evans.
Mephiles Gacha Repaint Gacha figures are 'blind boxed' on purpose, so you're bound to get a double eventually. This double of Shadow has been re-painted into Mephiles from Sonic 06. He's been all repainted with acrylics, and is about 3 inches high. (smaller than the JW small line) Modified & photo by RaeLogan
Mecha Sonic Fan Cosplay Costume Here's a fan in their cosplay mecha Sonic costume. (note, it is different than Metal Sonic) They've gotten the details like the silver dot on the side of the head (from where he curled up) different chest structure, and even added special feet/shoes. The photo is from Otakon in 2011. Costume made and worn by Elisto. (press name for DA account photos)
Fan Video: Fanmade Clay Badnik Figures. With this video, you can see sandworm and spiny (Sonic Colors) Bubbles (Sonic 4) snail blaster, chainspike, technosqueek, megachopper, and ribot (S&K) also motobug, roller, orbinaut, batbrain, bomb, spikes, and chopper (Sonic 1) All made & video by EmoElmo
Large 13 inch Sonic Fan Figure
Tikal Shade Darkspine Custom Figures Here are 3 customized Jazwares 3.75 line figures. With paint, clay & fabric they're modified into Darkspine, Tikal & Shade (from Sonic Chronicles) as you remember, she was an echidna when she removed the mask. Tikal's dress is
This is quite a large fan figure/statue! It is about 13 inches high. It looks very on model and good, & the paint is quite nice as well. But what could it be made of? Was it a kit or all-original? Made & photo by Shopaaaa
fabric, and Shade has a weapon accessory. Customized & photo by Gin93