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Fans of Sonic seem to be endless, and just as endless is the supply of Sonic-fan-items for you to see! What creative objects will everyone come up with this time?
Why are these NOT bootlegs? Because their owners are not trying to pass these off as official goods, and in most cases, there is only ONE of each item you see. No one's in some factory somewhere mass-producing things only hoping to grab money. Most of these are crafts created by Sonic fans, will they inspre you?
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Wooden Sonic theme Book Ends Here is a pair of fun Sonic book ends. The whole thing is made of cut wood & painted for the details. Classic Sonic waves his finger at each end of your book collection, which won't fall over with these. It took some good work with a saw to be able to cut them out, though. Do you know who made these?
Freedom Leader figure complete photo
Remember the previous version of this figure? Now "Freedom Leader" is finished. This is a Sally action figure, customized with handgun, Nicole computer (on boot) special boots, vest & hair. She's Jazwares 3.75 size and has been re-detailed and clear coated. The clear coat lets the joints move for pose-ability without chipping the paint off. Figure customized & photo by SonicRanger!
Mecha Sally Customized Figure In the Archie comics, their character Sally was recently robotosized into Mecha Sally in issue 230. (Different design from a previous one appearing in a different/earlier issue) This figure is customized from JW 3.75 line figures, including Metal Sonic. With added clay details, new shiny paint and altered head, she looks like the new sinister version. Figure customized & photo by WakeAngel
Kiln Fire Clay Pot Sonic Figure This is a ring & chaos emerald themed clay pot...but what better to put in it than a Sonic figure? He's clay too, and stands when you put him inside. Made & photo by: SonicDude624
An~o Viejo Shadow Construct What's this? It's an "An~o Viejo" or "Old Year". In some countries in South America, the celebration for New Years includes the destruction of the 'old year'. This is done by making some sort of giant, cheap paper & wood 'parade float like' construct, filling it with salt & fireworks, and then setting it on fire when newyears arrives. As it burns down, the fireworks go off, and the salt crackles which makes a racket. Usually villains are selected because the tradition is seen as 'getting rid of the bad from the old year'. In this case, they chose Shadow.
MIA Singer B/W Sonic Tee This is the famous singer MIA, and she is a Sonic fan! She'll wear Sonic shirts around (and clearly in photo shoots too) but they're usually somewhat unique. It's thought that a fashion designer makes them custom for her. It's also rumored that they got a hold of some sort of official Sonic fabric to craft the shirts (see the right side/non air-brush looking one has a line-art background) It's great when celebrities are Sonic fans too! Photos discovered by MIA wears blue Sonic shirt
Charmy Bee Chaotix Fan Figure The smallest member of the Chaotix: It's Charmy Bee! Charmy is made from a classic
Santa Sonic Fan Figure Modification
This is a fan modified figure. A commercially produced/official figure has been modified by a fan into Santa Sonic, who you'll remember from some of the SA1 era official stock art pieces. He wasn't commonly used, but it was a fun art. Just what modifications are seen here? What is the original figure? Modified by Shopaaa
Sonic Jazwares figure. He has sculpted helmet, jacket, wings & antenna. The tail from Sonic becomes the stinger, and the rest is a cool re-paint. Classic Sonic is quite proportional for Charmy too. Modified by WakeAngel2001
Minibead Super Sonic
This appears to be a mini-bead creation. A mini bead is like a perler bead, but much smaller. Sometimes they're called 'mini-hama', as Hama makes regular & tiny beads. Here's Super Sonic, but who made him? Discovered by FuriousKnuckles2
Classic Shadow Fan Figure Box
Since Shadow was never classic, a fan modification is the only way to go. Here's a JW Classics line Sonic re-done as Shadow. Notice the new paint, different hands & shoes. Then, there's even the modified box! Customized & photo by DustinLee Autry Tails Fan Hat Can't find one of those "hat & shirt" sets that comes with the Sonic themed beanie cap? Making a fan item could be the solution. Here, a plain blue hat is turned into a Tails theme hat with the addition of a peel off printable fan drawing. Made & photo by: FuriousKnuckles2
Character Themed Mii Selection Here are more Wii Miis. The limited designer doesn't let you do a whole lot, but you can still easily recognize "Sonic Themed" characters here including Silver, Shadow, Knuckles, Eggman, Amy & Charmy Bee. (notice the different heights) Miis modified & photo by:FuriousKnuckles2
Lego Knuckles Bricks Figure Fan The possibilities of making Lego things seems endless, with each one differently structured, too. Here's Lego Knuckles on a green base. The variously shaped bricks seem to have all the colors except purple (for his eyes) Put together & photo by: FuriousKnuckles2 A Sonic themed hair style! When hair is low & fuzzy, it can be shaved down into various designs. Here, a customized Sonic cut is displayed with a Sonic face & the word spelled out across the back of the head. A good idea in 2nd grade. Photo by AlexDyson01
Cute Happy Paper Cube Sonic
Isn't this fun & strange! It's a little paper craft (pepakura) Sonic in the shape of a cheerful cube. He's shown with 2 eyes (no mono eye?), and looking very happy on his folded paper Green-Hill type base. This is a cute little fan paper craft, but who made it?
Shade Chronicles Fan Figure This is Shade the female echidna from the Sonic Chronicles RPG game. Shown here without her mask/disguise, she's made from combining a Shadow & Knuckles Jazwares 3.75 line figures, with lots of extra sculpting & paint for the added details. The headband keeps her spikes up, while her original mask hid her face until the big reveal in the game. A cool char to customize for. Modified & photo by WakeAngel
Motorcycle Helmet Sonic Head Theme AirGraffix Helmet 2 This is another of those "Fine Line" items that sits on the border between boogleg & fan item. A fan has customized a motorcycle helmet with a head of Sonic theme, which looks cool. However, it seems to be a sort of 1-off though they have the ability
to re-create it for sale. So it's not being mass produced to scam fans, and it IS a real item.'s a fine line thing...but it's also fine! The see-thru eye area print for the visor really makes the design complete. The helmet shape also helps the head theme
along, as does the nice use of shading for the nose/chin area. Really, a lot of thought has gone into this creative helmet design. Designed by AirGraffix.
Death Egg Robot Big Custom Figure Look at this great big construction! Is it a figure? Is it a vehicle? It's both! This is the Death Egg Robot, which you can recognize from Sonic 2, but it's 11.5 inches high AND the Jazwares Eggman figures can rid inside for real. (see classic Eggman up there in the head) This is made from gumball bubbles, bionicle pieces, candy balls, a Bionicle tube, foam, paint & posterboard.
Not only can the figure ride inside, but it's posable too. This was entered in the FigureRealm contest, & placed 5th. Made & photos by WakeAngel2001
Chemical Plant Papercraft Stage These zones are papercrafts! At left is Chemical Plant zone, complete with working 'yellow cube blocks' (that anyone who has ever been to this stage is sure to know) They can be moved to create a path up to the higher ledge. Then, notice how Grabber the Spider can be hung, waiting to trap Jazwares Marble Zone Paper Craft Modify
3.75 inch line classic figures. It's not just a paper craft, it also works as a sort of playset/display area for figures. At right is a modification of the Marble Zone Big Papercraft (original seen below). The 'dropping weights' have been added with real metal chains. Chemical Plant built by & Marble Zone modified by: AndrewStrappers
Marble Zone Giant Papercraft
Here's a neat 3D figure Shadow papercraft. Nicely printed & well folded, he comes out looking almost like an action figure. But who has made this interesting craft? 3D Papercraft Shadow This papercraft of the Marble Zone from Sonic 1 is super giant! It features the upper surface of the level area, plus the under-ground lava, traps & pathways. The texture all looks like what you see in the game. To build something this big, it takes 16 whole pages, & cardstock would be used, as the construction needs good quality to support something this elaborate. Made & photo by Az-the-dragon.
Customized Character 3.75in Figures Here's a great variety of fan figures, made from Jazwares small line figures. First, there's Archies' Bunnie Rabbot & Sally, next is Mighty the Armadillo & Ray, then E-123 Omega (who still really needs an official figure) then below, a Tornado Airplane for Tails, which the figure
can actually ride in, a Grounder from AoSTH & custom Robotnick, a Shadow Android, Riders version Shadow & Mephiles-Shadow form, then Sonic 2's silver RoboSonic & Sonic & Knuckles' Mecha Sonic stand with Jazwares Metal Sonic figures. Last is a shoe customization
Fan Figure Variety
which changes a regular Sonic figure's shoes to the famous Soap Shoes for rail sliding. Then, with some filing & added detail, is the Archie Sonic Comics Julie Su figure. All figures customized by, & photos by EmoTrainer4444