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Fans of Sonic seem to be endless, and just as endless is the supply of Sonic-fan-items for you to see! What creative objects will everyone come up with this time?
Why are these NOT bootlegs? Because their owners are not trying to pass these off as official goods, and in most cases, there is only ONE of each item you see. No one's in some factory somewhere mass-producing things only hoping to grab money. Most of these are crafts created by Sonic fans, will they inspre you?
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Sonic R Metal Knuckles Fan Figure Metal Knuckles R & Advance
Two different versions of Metal Knuckles have appeared in games. The one to the right is instantly recognizable from Sonic R (and may be caught up in legal issues, which is why you don't see it or the Tails Doll) & the second is from Sonic Advance. Here, they appear as fan modifications for Jazwares 3.75 line figures. Each one uses a Knuckles base, but Sonic R's version has 'hands' made from scratch as their shape is quite different. Modified & photo by WakeAngel2001
Shadow & Sonic Tattoo How can you make a Sonic tattoo cooler? Possibly by adding Shadow to it! You'll recognize the Sonic from another page of Fan Items, however, the Shadow compliments it nicely. With both together, it seems very Sonic Adventure 2. Tattoo on & photo by Dustin LeeAutry
Gacha Werehog Fan Repaint/Fix This fan-fix proves you can liven up that Tomy Gacha werehog mini figure. (Seen on Gacha Pages here on SonicGear) They were well sculpted, but the paint was lacking. The above photo shows 'before' while the bottom is 'after'. See how much better he looks with shoe stripes, shoe sole details, painted fangs, and fixed up claws & wrist-fur. These fixes are easy enough to do, if you have regular acrylic paint colors in the house. Fan fix & photo by RaeLogan
Floral Plush Chao Fan This is a hand made neutral chao plush. It was sewn from a fan made pattern, too! All of the fabric used here has various floral patterns, (pink for the wings, colored for the feet-bottoms, and blue with rose-like flowers for the rest) which gives the chao a quaint & cute look. As you can see here, it can be posed either laying down/standing or sitting up. Made & photo by Rae Logan, pattern by Deviant Mel.
Eggman Nega Fan Figure Modification Here's a fan figure for Eggman Nega! He first appeared in the portable Sonic games as an Eggman from another dimension. Here, a Jazwares 3.75 line eggman has been modified with paint, sanding & new details to change the costume to Nega. Will Jazwares make an official Nega figure? Hopefully so. Modified & photo by WakeAngel2001
Buzz Bomber Bee Badnik Here's the bee badnik Buzz Bomber, which is a customized finger puppet bee. What's great is, it can be posed for flying (right) or posed for shooting that energy ball out of the stinger (left) just like Buzz Bomber Custom Badnik Figure
in the games. This is to scale with the Generations JW Badniks. Modified & photos by WakeAngel2001
Rouge Sculpture No Rouge figure yet? Here's a cool fan sculpture to see. This chooses a new cool pose for her, & can stand by itself. It has all of her details, including smooth wings. It's pretty big too, at least 6 inches high. She's fully sculpted & painted, but doesn't move. Rouge really needs an action figure everyone can get. This fan figure proves how popular & cool she is. Photo & sculpted by AachiChan
This Sonic plush has been knitted by a fan...but then they tried to
sell it on ebay...however that was unsuccessful.
Green Hill Zone Chair Fan furniture? Why not!
This is a wooden chair with Green Hill Zone theme. All of the vertical parts (bars, legs) have been painted with the familiar checkers of the zone's ground, while the armrests, backrest & seat are covered in green felt, like the grass of the zone. The white tag explains the chair, as it's seen here at an art exhibition in a gallery. Customized & photo by SenatorSonic
5 inch size Scourge Custom Figure Here's a larger fan-figure, this one is a JW 5 inch line figure customized into Archie Comics Scourge. He has painted on scars & shoe details, jacket made of real t-shirt fabric with iron-on flame designs, and sunglasses. See Scourge in the background, from his arc in the comics. Below, you can see the customized box, which has Scourge's name in place of
all of the 'Sonic' labels except the main one at the bottom.
Sonic Nail Art Sonic in fashion? Naturally...with this nail art! Here, a tiny brush and patience has been used to create the Sonic in winged-ring with banner from Sonic 1...on the surface of a fingernail. It's super detailed for such a small space, but the result is clever & colorful. Nail art by Amanda04
Figure & box customized & photo by Dustin Lee Autry
Transforming Rouge the Bat Figure Rouge Motorcycle Form You can watch a "Making Of" video for Rouge Theme Motorcycle on youtube now!
Robotic Rouge Customization Rouge Why not with this fan modification of a transforming motorcycle figure. This is a Maisto Transforming Bike (sort of like Transformers, but not the same brand) With some new paint & details it becomes a Rouge themed vehicle. The original head was slightly small (see top) so a new head can be added (bottom, made from a Marvel Heroics ball) to create more Sonic Adventure style proportions. Customized & photos by WakeAngel2001
Special Fan Chaos Here are some clay fan chao little figures. Why doesn't Jazwares just make a whole set of PVC chaos? They're so fun & colorful as you can see here with Shadow Chao (dark chao) Sonic Chao (speed type chao) and the special ones too with Angel Chao (light type) Devil Chao (dark type) and Chaos Chao (special) Figures & photos by GoClone999 Sonic & Shadow Fan Chaos
Classic Eggman Fan Plush
It's somewhat uncommon to find a fan-Eggman item, but here's a nice big fan-made plush of classic Eggman. You can see he's pretty big, sitting here next to an official (modern) Eggman. Plush & photo by: Roblox Knuckles Skin This is a virtual fan item from Roblox the online community. You can use whatever art you want to 'skin' the box like characters, which then become avatars. Here, someon'es made a Knuckles to fit the proportions.
Super Poser Mephiles Form 1 Custom
Here's a customized Jazwares Super Poser figure (which you don't see often, as they're so much larger & more detailed to customize). It's their Shadow, with a custom paint job to be Mephiles Form 1, from Sonic 2006. Customized & photo by: Clay
Kragok Sculpture Kragok Cross Stitch Craft Work Kragok Fan Customized Plush Kragok Fan Figure Dark Legion Lego Scene
What do all of these fan items have in common? The Dark Legion & Kragok. Everything's from the Archie Comic Sonic series, and you can see here a clay Kragok statue (pre paint) a Kragok cross stitch (is this the first fan cross stitch?) which seems to have been made from an Archie art of him, a customized plush doll of Kragok (notice the blue fist & real cloth cloak) a Kragok fan figure, and last, several characters from the Dark Legion, plus Legion vehicles made from lego things. You can spot their flying saucer shaped ship & tank item, complete with broadcast antenna, just like they had in the comics. But who made these?
Iblis Biter Figure Custom Painted Here is a custom paint job for the Jazwares Iblis Biter figure. If you have this, you know the figure isn't all that detailed. The actual creature looks like it's made of lava in the game, so with this new paint job, it gets some better detail. Then, in the last panel it bites a E Omega Customi Fan Figure
Jazwares has not yet made an E Omega figure...but people want him! Here, a fan figure for him has been made with clay, new paint & possibly combining other figures. Photo & customized by Arsenius Soni on Figure Realms
Dr Finitevus Pipecleaner Figure This is a figure made from fancy/craft pipecleaners. These fuzzy wires can be used to make all kinds of flexible crafts, but here they're used to make a Dr. Finitevus figure. He is an evil white echidna from the Archie Sonic comic, who generally wears a black cloak & uses warp rings. Made & photo by Misaki Wolfe.
fan made mini chao figure! Photo & customized by Arsenius Soni on Figure Realms
Mega Mix Fan Case & Cart
Here's a fanmade Genesis case & cartridge label for Sonic MegaMix, which features Sonic, Shadow & Mighty. The label and box art have been applied to a real cartridge and box, but the game didn't officially exist, though fans would like it to! Customized & photo by MrMark0673